Numerous factors combine to determine the longevity of your roof. Some of these factors include the type of roof on your home, the weather conditions that it has been exposed to, if it has received timely repairs when needed and more. A typical asphalt shingle roof may provide you with 20 to 30 years of use, but there is significant variation in this. Generally, a roof should be replaced when it is approaching the end of its life or when damage is widespread. Replacing your roof promptly when needed may help you to avoid water leaks and other roof-related issues. It may also promote exceptional energy efficiency inside the home. Inspecting your roof on your own is not recommended because of the risk to your safety, such as from injuries related to falls. In addition, you may not have the trained eye that is required to accurately determine if the roof should be repaired or if a replacement will suffice. BHS Roofing can inspect your roof soon and will let you know more about its condition and needs.

The installation of new roofing in Lees Summit or Kansas City is a significant project, so you understandably want to maximize the benefits that it provides. Your roof contributes significantly to property aesthetics and curb appeal, so the material should have a complementary look. Different types of roofing materials are rated for longevity and resistance to weather-related damages. They also may have different energy efficiency benefits. Because your new roof is a significant investment that impacts property value, condition and more, you may consider purchasing the highest quality roof that is affordable for your budget. When you contact us for a Kansas City or Lees Summit roofing consultation, we can review the available materials with you.

As is the case with other residential systems, the roofing on your home requires regular attention. Because of the elevated location and steep incline of a typical roof, venturing on top of the home and inspecting roof condition yourself is not recommended. In addition, the untrained eye of a typical homeowner may not detect developing issues that require attention. The best way to monitor your roof’s condition is to book an annual inspection for your roofing in Lees Summit or Kansas City. However, if you notice worrisome signs that indicate possible damage, you may need to book an urgent inspection with our team right away.

In some cases, roof damage can only be identified through a professional inspection. However, some observant residents may identify potential damages from the ground level. For example, if you peer up at your roof’s surface from the ground, you may see shingles that are no longer flush. Buckling, bowing and other issues indicate the need for repairs or for a full roof replacement. You may also notice missing or dislodged shingles on the roof. After viewing the roof from the ground level, inspect the ground. Around the perimeter of your home, you may see full or partial shingles or granules from asphalt shingles. In addition to taking these steps, venture into your attic after it rains. Look for signs of moisture that could indicate a leak. You also should look for sunlight that may be shining through a hole in the roof. These are among the more common signs that a resident may notice if repairs are needed, but your findings should be corroborated through a professional inspection.

The integrity of roofing in Lees Summit or Kansas City is dependent on the condition of the entire roof. For example, one missing shingle could weaken the entire system and may lead to more significant repairs. When the damage is too significant, a full replacement rather than a repair may be needed. In addition, a small roof leak may allow water and pests to enter the home, and these elements may result in profound property damage. Energy efficiency also is impaired when the entire roof is not well-maintained.

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